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Weekly Scorecard 3-21-11

By George Thurtle

Finally the inventories have inched up but not as much as they should be doing this time of year. South Bellevue went up by 10 homes and East Bellevue by 7 homes but that still is not much for what should be coming on this time of year. ¬†The sales numbers were again strong and I thought the volumes would... »

Weekly Scorecard 9-20-10

By George Thurtle

Two interesting things this week. The first is that this was the week for large water front sale. One went for about $4,000,000 in Newport Shores and another one went for $5,000,000 on Hunts Point. The one for five million had a small house and is obviously going to be a new home some time in the near future. The other... »

Weekly Scorecard 8-2-10

By George Thurtle

While the same trend continues with closed sales at pretty high numbers and pending sales running half of the closed sales the big news which can be inferred by the numbers but which does not show directly is that the upper end inventory is moving. In West Bellevue alone of the 7 sales 4 were over a million and... »