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2009 A Quick Review

By George Thurtle

What a year. We started the year with the markets in free fall and finally saw buyers start responding to lower prices and government stimulus in April. "Market Timing" became the big deal for buyers as they sat on the sidelines and saw average sale prices go down each month but the $8,000 tax credit and the government’s willingness to buy... »

Distressed Inventory Report 10-3-09

By George Thurtle

Same thing different week. The number of homes that could be called distressed inventory remained the same as last week at 73. A couple of differences though the number of new homes that were new inventory, either foreclosed or Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS), were down from 10 to 4. Last week the news was the number of new homes... »

Welcome to East Bellevue Real Estate

By George Thurtle

Welcome to East Bellevue Real Estate. The purpose of this website and is to provide market specific information for the East Bellevue Residential Real Estate Market regarding home sale trends and pricing. The information is meant to assist both buyers and sellers. In addition there are sections dealing with community amenities such as parks and schools. Both the recreational and educational... »