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Distressed Inventory Report 12-4-10

By George Thurtle

The numbers are starting to fluctuate again and this time a little uptick. The next few weeks you will not be able to tell much since most of the lenders do not process foreclosures during the holidays. They have enough to catch up on. a little more new foreclosed inventory is coming to the market and the inventory appears to... »

Distressed Inventory Report 9-5-09

By George Thurtle

The trend continues with the overall numbers of distrssed inventory holding steady just below 90 but with the number of forclosed homes increasing and the number of those with notices of Trustee Sales decreasing. The number of foreclosed homes is at an all time high since this Report started at 25. The number of Trustee Sales is at an... »

Distressed Inventory Report 8-8-09

By George Thurtle

Well the numbers have climbed a little. From the table accessed from the link below you will see that the new notice of Trustee Sale jumped up to ten this week. The previous week was only two and the week before that was three. While volumes have been up prices have not increased enough to take care of the underlying... »