Weekly Scorecard 3-21-11

By George Thurtle

Finally the inventories have inched up but not as much as they should be doing this time of year. South Bellevue went up by 10 homes and East Bellevue by 7 homes but that still is not much for what should be coming on this time of year.  The sales numbers were again strong and I thought the volumes would be peaking. Last week there was a big spread between the pending sales and the closed sales. This week the pending sales were up and the closed sales were down some. I thought I would see the pending sales remain low. There seems to be new buyers coming into this market keeping the sales volumes up. Also if you check the Altos stats there is definite stabilization and firming of prices. The combination of declining inventory and a relatively high sales volume seems to have had its natural result.

The spreadsheet is here: Weekly scorecard 3-21-11

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