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Distressed Inventory Report 6-19-10

By George Thurtle

The numbers held steady this week with very little change. After the increases of the last couple of months there may be signs of the distressed inventory leveling off. There is some market activity as you can see on the spreeadsheet as there were new NTS in each area but apparently there was an offsetting amount of inventory being removed... »

Distressed Inventory Report May 15, 2010

By George Thurtle

Not much change but a slight drop from the big spike up last week. Still looks like the trend is to creep higher. Also the April numbers are in and you should check those out. The spreadsheet is here: Bellevue Foreclosure Report... »

Distressed Inventory Report 10-31-09

By George Thurtle

The trend continues. The ratio of Notices of Trustee sale (NTS) to foreclosed homes continues to decline in all areas. The interesting market is East Bellevue where the NTS/Foreclosed ratio is down to its lowest level at 1.25 however overall the number of total distressed homes is up to 88 from a bottom of 73. There are now 39 foreclosed... »