Weekly Scorecard 3-28-11

By George Thurtle

The same story. Inventories remain low but sales remain strong. The pending sales numbers are surprislingly strong with South Be;;evue havong 14 pending sales. The extreme upper end also shows stregth with one waterfront home closing and one for $7,500,000 going pending. The inventory numbers are not bumping as they should this time of year and in fact each of the areas were down agian slightly. If you check out the weekly Altos graphs on the Blog you will see that values are starting to bump.¬†It looks like in this area there will be no “double dip” for this year any way of these numbers keep up. With the distressed inventory being a smaller percentage of the market ¬†prices will need to move up to give non-distressed sellers enough incentive to enter the market.

The spreadsheet is here: Weekly scorecard 3-28-11

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