Weekly Scorecard 10-18-10

By George Thurtle

Finally getting caught up. The volumes are down this week and we will have to wait to see if this is seasonal or if the overall level of demand is declining. The pendings and the solds appear to be coming in line so the true market after the tax credit expiration is starting to resolve. Overall values have appeared to remain steady but volumes are down. The inventories have leveled off and are no longer increasing but this time of year we will usually start to see a decrease but that does not appear to be happening.

The individual sales were interesting with two waterfront homes on Lake Sammamish going pending. That is why average price and per sq. ft. numbers are higher. Also in West Bellevue it appears a couple more tear downs have sold. The tear dwon market appears to be making a solid come back in West Bellevue.  Also there appeared to be no distressed inventory sold this week either bank owned or short sale.

The spreadsheet is here: Weekly scorecard 10-18-10

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