Weekly Scorecard 9-27-10

By George Thurtle

Still getting caught up.  The same trends as the last few weeks continue; pretty good numbers for the clsoed sales but weaker numbers for the pending sales. The big news though is that in West Bellevue we are seeing some big numbers.  Another large water front closed along with two more homes either side of $3,000,000 these were not distressed sales sales. No short sales or banked owned properties. It appears that better properties in good condition that have specialty appeal are strting to move. If someone wants a nice home or special piece of property they are going to have to pay for it. As we have discussed previously a lot of the new construction and other upper end distressed property was cleaned out last year. Now if you have money and want a nice piece of property in many cases buyers are now having to deal with sellers that may be as strong financially as they are.

Here is the spreadsheet: Weekly scorecard 9-27-10

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