Weekly Scorecard 12-14-09

By George Thurtle

This week the inventories were at 239 homes just up two from last week. Inventories do not appear to be climbing. There were four sales this week with prices ranging from $350,000 to $550,000; pretty typical for East Bellevue. The average per sq. ft. sales price was $222 per sq. ft. Again pretty typical. There was one bank owned home and one short sale. This is the most we have seen in a long time in any batch of sales.

There were three pending sales this week. One of the them was a $5,800,000 waterfront on Lake Sammamish. The other two were homes under $400,000 so running averages this week would be meaningless but it will be interesting to see what the closed number of the $5,800,000 waterfront is if it closes.

Next week there will be a different format. I will be adding West Bellevue and South Bellevue and start presenting the numbers in a spreadsheet format as the site transitions to one which includes all of Bellevue.

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